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Weight Loss Specialist

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Successful weight loss starts with personalized care and highly knowledgeable providers. At Raritan Family Healthcare, with two locations in Raritan and Bedminster, New Jersey, you receive premier care from providers who emphasize your personal needs and goals. To learn how you can drop extra weight and optimize your health, call the office nearest to you or book an appointment online now.

Weight Loss Q & A

When do I need weight loss help?

You may need weight loss help if you struggle to drop extra weight, if you're gaining weight unexpectedly, or if you lose weight only to regain it within a year or so. 

Another very important reason to seek weight loss help is a chronic illness. People who struggle with their weight typically have many health issues as a result, with common ones including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and Type 2 diabetes. 

If you lose weight now and then continue with a weight management program to keep your weight under control, you can avoid many serious illnesses and manage your health risks in the most effective way.

Why is weight loss so hard for me?

Weight loss is usually challenging because it requires you to reset your mind as well as your body. Fortunately, you can achieve both of those things with Raritan Family Healthcare’s medical weight loss program. 

However, other problems that you don't know about may also impact your ability to lose weight. For example, a thyroid disease called hypothyroidism is one common reason for extreme difficulty in losing weight. 

Another common reason for weight loss difficulties is hormone depletion during menopause. 

No matter why you're struggling to lose weight, the medical weight loss program can help guide you to a healthier life. 

What does medical weight loss involve?

The medical weight loss program at Raritan Family Healthcare focuses on long-term success, so they use proven methods that help you make true, lasting changes in your life. Generally, your program includes:

  • Blood testing to check for chronic diseases, high cholesterol, and other issues
  • Body fat analysis
  • Personalized nutritional counseling
  • Learning new healthy habits
  • Medication or supplements to help suppress appetite and increase feelings of fullness
  • Customized physical fitness recommendations
  • Regular checkups at the office
  • Monitoring of your chronic conditions

Your appointments include plenty of opportunities to ask questions as well. Once you reach your goal weight, Raritan Family Healthcare continues the support with weight management counseling. 

The weight management program helps you to maintain a healthy weight and avoid weight-related health problems. It's all about maintaining great long-term habits — and that's probably a lot easier than you think when you have the right support behind you. 

Raritan Family Healthcare can tailor a weight loss program for you, no matter how many failed diets are in your past. Take the first step into your healthy future by calling the office or clicking the online booking link now.