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CoolSculpting Specialist

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If you have love handles, a double chin, back fat, or other problems areas that refuse to slim down despite diet and exercise, it's time to learn about CoolSculpting®. Raritan Family Healthcare offers CoolSculpting because it's one of today's most advanced body contouring treatments. The device safely and permanently eliminates nagging pockets of fat, giving you the shape you desire. To learn more, call the office in Raritan or Bedminster, New Jersey, or book an appointment online today.

CoolSculpting Q & A

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a body contouring treatment for women and men who want to eliminate targeted pockets of fat. 

The CoolSculpting device works by freezing fat cells. Then the frozen cells break down, and your body clears them away. As a result, the treated fat is gone for good.

Freezing only affects fat cells because they're more sensitive to cold temperatures than your skin and other surrounding structures. CoolSculpting lowers the temperature enough to eliminate fat without harming any other tissues.

What body areas does CoolSculpting treat?

CoolSculpting eliminates bulging areas of fat that don't go away despite diet and exercise. Though the device does a great job of reducing resistant fat, it's not a weight loss procedure.

The best candidates for CoolSculpting should be at or near a healthy body weight. For some, that may mean following a weight loss program at Raritan Family Healthcare before getting CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting permanently eliminates fat from the following body areas:

  • Under the chin (double chin)
  • Jawline
  • Abdomen
  • Love handles (flanks)
  • Upper back (bra fat)
  • General back area
  • Upper arms
  • Thighs
  • Underneath the buttocks

When performing CoolSculpting, Raritan Family Healthcare uses different applicators that are specially designed to fit the targeted area.

What happens during CoolSculpting?

Your provider applies a gel pad to the treatment area and places the CoolSculpting applicator over the pad. After they turn on the device, you may feel a sucking sensation followed by mild pulling and intense cold.

While the temperature drops, you may feel tingling, stinging, or aching. However, those sensations quickly disappear as the area becomes numb.

You relax for about 35 minutes while the CoolSculpting device freezes the fat. After removing the applicator, your provider gently massages the area, and then you can get back to your daily activities.

You may experience temporary side effects such as slight swelling, redness, tenderness, or bruising after a CoolSculpting treatment.

When do I see results?

It takes time for fat cells to break down and your body to get rid of the debris, but you should see some results within three weeks. About two months after your CoolSculpting session, you notice dramatic results.* Even then, your body keeps eliminating treated fat cells for up to six months.

Some people achieve the look they desire after one treatment. Others may want to schedule additional treatments, depending on the amount of fat they need to eliminate. 

If you’re ready to get the toned body you desire and want to learn more about CoolSculpting, call Raritan Family Healthcare or book an appointment online today.

*Individual results may vary.