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Primary Care Specialist

Raritan Family Healthcare -  - Primary Care

Raritan Family Healthcare

Primary Care Practice & Family Medicine located in Raritan, NJ & Bedminister, NJ

Primary care opens a direct line of communication between you and a trusted medical professional. At Raritan Family Healthcare in Raritan and Bedminster, New Jersey, the team of expert primary care physicians works with you and your family to build and follow a healthy lifestyle. Schedule your next sick visit or physical exam by phone or online at the closest Raritan Family Healthcare office today.

Primary Care Q & A

What is primary care?

Primary care is a wide medical specialty that covers most of your basic care needs as a relatively healthy individual. The team at Raritan Family Healthcare brings diverse experience into the practice so they offer exceptional primary care services for their communities. You and your family can all visit the same location for physicals, sick visits, chronic care, and more. 

Any time you or a family member has a health-related question or medical concern, your primary care provider is a trusted resource. Raritan Family Healthcare makes it easy to stay on track with preventive services and get the care you need right away in case of illness or an injury. 

Team members are well connected in their communities and make specialist referrals for you and your family when necessary. They also offer in-person and telemedicine appointments for your convenience. 

What does primary care entail?

Primary care involves many of the services you already access regularly for health care alongside as-needed testing and treatments. A few of the many services you and your family can get through Raritan Family Healthcare are:

Physical exams

Physical exams give your primary care provider the chance to assess many body parts, reflexes, and other aspects of your health and wellness. 

Nutrition services

Nutrition services help you improve your diet by learning more about your body’s needs and aligning them with your preferences. 

Diagnostic testing

Diagnostic tests like blood tests, urinalysis, and biopsies are available upon your physician’s recommendation. Additionally, you can get the screenings you need to address your health risks at Raritan Family Healthcare. 


Immunizations are preventive shots that teach your immune system to ward off certain infections, like chickenpox or COVID-19. 

Chronic disease management

Chronic disease management is ongoing care for long-term conditions like diabetes, fibromyalgia, or arthritis. 

What are the benefits of finding a primary care physician?

Finding a primary care physician to visit as an individual or share with your family might make you more comfortable seeking care or advice when you need it. Over time, you build a relationship with your primary care provider, and they become highly familiar with your health history, family history, and preferences.

With this familiarity comes an improvement in the quality of your care. Your primary care provider has a deeper understanding of your needs and can make personalized recommendations for lifestyle changes or treatment options. 

Learn more about the benefits of primary care by scheduling an appointment at the closest Raritan Family Healthcare office. Book your visit over the phone or online today.